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The Profit - Season 2 Episode 13

Marcus visits a coffee roasting business whose once-romantic co-owners are causing the business to struggle under demand.

Episode: 13/18 eps

Duration: 43 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 8.3

Season 2 - The Profit
"A former real estate investor and car enthusiast, Pete Athans, sunk his entire life savings into building a high-end used car dealership in Morton Grove, IL. Unfortunately, financing a fantasy dealership left him short on cash; now he struggles to fill his lot with cars. To make matters worse, his micromanaging style prevents his employees from doing their jobs. Marcus Lemonis will either be the driving force this owner needs to change his ways or this business will crash and burn."
"This week, serial entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis travels to Brooklyn, New York and visits A. Stein Meat Products, a second-generation business run by two lifelong friends. Last year, this $50 million-dollar-a-year meat wholesaler somehow managed to lose $400,000. At A. Stein, Marcus discovers a company that offers a great product but has grown so fast, they're unable to track the tens of thousands of dollars that go in and out every day. Can Marcus Lemonis save this business or will these two butcher boys be forced to close their doors after 40 years?"
"Michael and Tina Sena are a fitness-obsessed couple with a great little gym right outside of Chicago. And while they help clients shed weight, they can't seem to figure out how to build a healthy profit. Maybe one of their problems is that this husband and wife still can't figure out how to work as a team. Marcus Lemonis arrives with a plan, but getting them to accept change may turn out to be harder than their workouts."
"A trailer business in Tampa, FL specializing in food concessions is being driven into the ground by two owners in a toxic partnership who compete for control. The business itself is also divided with the owners located 260 miles from where the product is manufactured, creating inefficiency across the board. Can Marcus Lemonis bring these owners and the two sides of the business together?"
"Brothers Steve and Peter Koehl run Skullduggery, an Anaheim, CA based toy, craft kit and fossil replica manufacturer, owned by their father since 1987. Despite selling $1.6 million in toys last year, the brothers can't manage to turn a profit, and lack of imagination and poor decision making are holding the company back from getting into a big box retailer. Can Marcus Lemonis help these brothers put the puzzle pieces back together and save this business or will the building blocks collapse under the weight of continued failure?"
"Peter and Allison Behringer are candy makers who run a small business, Sweet Pete's, in Jacksonville, Florida. Their product is excellent but their business is failing and has yet to turn a profit. The Behringers brought in a partner to help sweeten the pot but that relationship turned toxic. Sweet Pete's is a business with great promise but one that probably won't survive another year. To save it, serial entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis must fix the partnership, create new business and revamp the store or Sweet Pete's will be forced to close their doors."
"A couple of wine connoisseurs in Orange Country turn their passion of collecting fine wines into a business that unfortunately has never been profitable. With absentee owners and mismanaged inventory, this business is months away from shutting its doors. If Marcus Lemonis can convince staff and owners to take ownership and stop running Amazing Grapes like a hobby, he might be able to save the business from being financially crushed."
"Owners Jim Brush and Alison Sloat run Key West Key Lime Pie Company, a pie company that is a true rags-to-riches culinary story. Buying the business, recipes and all, for merely $1200, they have grown it from selling pies on the side of the road to being named the \"Nation's Best Pie\" by the American Pie Council. Even though the business grosses an impressive $1.4 million a year, they are not turning a profit. With multiple storefronts and a shipping facility that's not bringing in any money, can serial entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis help this couple get back on track and..."
"Tempers boil over at a family-run clothing retail company when entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis pushes for his biggest transformation yet. Courage b specializes in upscale women's fashion, and sassy Noemi Goureau is the brand's designer. Her explosive son Nicolas blames his mother for dragging the company into the red and burying the company in mountains of inventory they can't move."
"Hanging by a thread, an embroidery and silk screening company in Queens, NY, is about to close its doors forever after the owner has bitten off more than he can chew. Three years ago, Sal Loretta moved his small business, Artistic Stitch, into a massive 28,000-square-foot warehouse. To make use of the space, Sal started several new businesses and borrowed beyond his means to build out the entire building. Now Sal is $1.5 million in debt and in way over his head. Can Marcus throw him a line before the company completely unravels?"
"The owners of a Connecticut fish market are sailing in treacherous waters, and even Marcus Lemonis might not be able to bail them out. Swanson's Fish Market is a successful second-generation business that burnt to the ground a few years ago, leaving the company drowning in debt. As more details begin to surface, Marcus realizes he may be in over his head."
"A Long-Island salon owner burned by her ex-partner can't get to the root of her business problems. Carolyn DeVito owns Unique Salon & Spa, but only after fighting tooth and nail. She hasn't had a paycheck in six months, and other aspects of her business are coming unglued. If Marcus Lemonis can't help Carolyn move on from her past, Unique Salon & Spa may be going down the drain."
"Marcus visits a coffee roasting business whose once-romantic co-owners are causing the business to struggle under demand."
"It's the ninth inning for a father stuck in the past and striking out with his MLB relationship. Coopersburg Sports is a sports and novelty business in desperate need of help. Will Marcus Lemonis be able to help them stay in the game?"
"A family-run BBQ restaurant in the tranquil town of Latta, South Carolina, is about to go up in smoke if Marcus Lemonis can't help them in time. Legendary Shuler's BBQ is a so popular that lines run out the door, but keeping up with the times is proving a bigger challenge than anyone expected."
"A know-it-all sign shop owner goes head-to-head with Marcus Lemonis in Surfside Beach, South Carolina. ASL Sign Sales & Service is one of the biggest in town, but the owner's ego is even bigger. With zero process in place, Marcus has his work cut out for him. Later, Marcus makes a surprise visit to a business from Season 1"
"Marcus Lemonis tries to keep the owners of a Pittsburgh, PA area Greek restaurant chain from failing. Run down restaurants, a confusing menu, and angry franchisees are just some of the challenges he faces."
"Where are they now? Marcus checks in with businesses from Season 1 and 2, such as Athans Motors, WorldWide Trailer Sales, Inc., Mr. Green Tea, Michael Sena's Pro-Fit, and Sweet Pete's."
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