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The Challenge - Season 23 Episode 13

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Episode: 13/11 eps

Duration: 30 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 1998

IMDb: 7.5

Season 23 - The Challenge
"Divorced exes Danny and Melinda struggle to work together and help shine a light on Knight and Jemmye's similarly fractured relationship. Major alliances are revealed and one team crumbles under the pressure of elimination."
"Two new couplings start brewing in the Challenge house, one of which threatens to break apart a team AND ruin an entire alliance. And another season continues to break down, with one member exploding on her teammates."
"Just when one competitor gets comfortable exploring his sexuality, another person mocks him and sets off a huge fight. And when two Veteran girls get into it, one could be leaving prematurely along with her partner."
"A trip into the Arena leaves two relationships in shambles. And after a trivia competition catapults challengers into the waters below, one team is forced to send members of their own alliance into elimination."
"The animosity between Frank and Alton comes to a head, as Alton's destructive behavior upsets the rest of the house AND threatens to destroy his own team as he begs to be sent into the Arena."
"The competitors face off in an eating contest,but one team ultimately can't stomach each other as their in-fighting continues to escalate. In the closest elimination yet, two of the season's toughest challengers go neck to neck."
"In a deep-diving competition, two teams break down when they can't handle the pressure. And an all-out knock-down brawl involving the entire house leaves the challengers hating each other even more than they could've imagined."
"With the final looming, tension is high and teams, desperate to make it to the end of the competition, do anything they can to secure a spot, leaving one friendship in ruins."
"The final four teams travel to Namibia and fight tooth and nail for a spot in the Final Challenge in the African desert. Before it's all over, two competitors will be sent packing."
"The cast comes together to discuss the final Challenge, Frank vs. Sam, Team San Diego vs. everybody, secret hookups, wild unseen footage, new rivalries and fights. Hosted by Jonny Moseley."
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