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Master of None

The show follows the personal and professional lives of Dev, a 30-year-old actor who has trouble deciding what he wants to eat, much less the pathway for the rest of his life. Dev’s story takes him through subjects as diverse as the plight of the...

Duration:30 mins

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Season 1 - Master of None
"A condom mishap and a kid's birthday party prompt Dev to consider the reality of having children."
"Dev and Brian try to show their appreciation for their immigrant parents at a joint family dinner."
"Dev's plan to score a date with a pretty waitress by inviting her to a concert doesn't have quite the result he wanted."
"Frustrated with the limited availability of roles and frequent type-casting of Indian actors, Dev has to make an ethical decision about the future of his career when he gets his hands on a TV executives racist emails."
"Dev has the chance to hook up with a woman he meets at a party, but the opportunity comes with a few complications."
"Rachel has finally broken up with her ex-boyfriend, so Dev decides to invite her to a trip to Nashville."
"Dev's new advertisement doesn't go as planned and his female entourage tells him about the misogyny they face every day."
"Dev and Arnold hang-out with Arnold's Grandpa, who tells them a cool war story (and Arnold becomes very attached to his Grandpa's robotic seal). This inspires Dev to stick around when he and Rachel visit Grandma Carol at her retirement home and Rachel has to leave mid-visit."
"Rachel moves in with Dev and they start having relationship issues."
"After attending a wedding and a disappointing film premiere, Rachel and Dev are both having doubts about their relationship."
Season 2 - Master of None
"Now living in Modena, Dev serendipitously meets a girl who he makes a real connection with only to have his future date plans go array when a thief steals his mobile phone."
"Arnold stops by on his way to a wedding to explore Modena with his Little Bud. But he hasn't told Dev the whole truth about his trip."
"Back in New York, a visit from observant Muslim relatives puts Dev in a tricky position. He introduces his cousin to a forbidden pleasure: pork."
"Sucked into a popular dating app, Dev winds up on a string of awkward, fun and disorienting dates with very different women."
"After welcoming the Jabbawockeez to his show, Dev struggles to find the right date to take to a dinner party thrown by his celebrity chef boss."
"As Dev and friends head to a theater to see the hit movie \"Death Castle,\" the lives of several ordinary New Yorkers intersect in subtle ways."
"A sweet job offer forces Dev to take stock of his priorities. Brian helps his dad with a romantic dilemma. A cupcake competition judge gets cold feet."
"Over a series of Thanksgivings from the '90s to the present, Denise settles into her sexuality and faces the challenge of coming out to her family."
"When Francesca returns to New York for a month, Dev plays tour guide and finds himself caught in a whirlwind of confusing emotions."
"Just as Dev's personal life reaches a tipping point, disturbing revelations throw his professional life into turmoil, too."
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