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Former detective Marcella Backland is devastated when her husband leaves her and their two children. He is a legal adviser to DTG construction, property developers, effectively controlled by the Gibson family. When she is visited by a senior...

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Season 1 - Marcella
"Pregnant police detective Marcella Backland pulls back from a multiple murder case and ultimately quits the force for the sake of her family. Ten years later she returns to her work but so too, it would appear, has the killer."
"Grace's disappearance plunges the Gibson family into a state of panic, while Marcella scours CCTV footage trying to make sense of the events of the previous evening. Meanwhile, Cara's thievery puts her in danger."
"Marcella is terrified when Grace's body is found and tries to hide the fact that she was one of the last people to see her alive. Sylvie is distraught at her daughter's death and shocked to learn of her affair with Jason."
"An attack on an elderly man gives the police a new lead in the Grove Park case. Fearing he may have seen her on the night of the murder, Marcella searches for the taxi driver who was outside Grace's house."
"Mo holds the police responsible for Hassan being shot, Marcella finally gets the information she has been seeking regarding the death of Grace and deliveryman Ronnie is about to make the mistake of his life."
"Marcella is devastated when the killer targets a 6-year-old girl, but then a DNA match gives the police their strongest lead in the case. Meanwhile, Williamson investigates Andrew Barnes' death."
"After finding his brother dead, Mo confronts Marcella as the police continue to investigate Yann. Meanwhile, Tim investigates the death of Andrew Barnes bringing him into contact with Jason."
"In her desperate hunt for Matthew, Marcella questions Henry at his home. Tim's investigation into the murder of Andrew Barnes increases the pressure on Jason."
Season 2 - Marcella
"DS Marcella Backland is called to a house where a workman has drilled through a wall and discovered an ear."
"After seeing a psychiatrist to account for her black-outs Marcella returns to work, discovering that Reynolds knew Dawkins - who has an alibi for the attack on her - and there is unidentified DNA at Reynolds' flat. She interviews him but he collapses, muttering \"Find the girl.\" Meanwhile another boy's corpse is found in the boot of a car, evidence of its owner having been destroyed and pathologists make a disturbing find on Leo's body. The Whitmans launch a children's charity where Vince makes a drunken rant in the presence of Marcella's colleague Tim Williams after ..."
"The latest victim is identified as Luke Howells, an unhappy teenager who hid secrets from his foster family. Like Leo a set of symbols, apparently to ward off evil, have been surgically inserted into his body. Both boys were lobotomised. Marcella learns that he was a rent boy known to Dawkins, whose partner suffers from the resultant publicity. Whitman launches a publicity stunt to prove that his workers, including the married Eric Davidson, are not exploited but violence ensues and Maya, seeing her husband as a liability, turns to Tim. As the latest child abductee ..."
"Adam Evans escapes his abductors but his rescuers are killed and Adam is in a coma, the same tokens found in his body. Dawkins fools the gullible Edward into letting him into Marcella's house but the child is saved before Dawkins can harm him. However Jason sees this as another example of Marcella being an unfit mother though her hypnosis sessions put him in a bad light. Linked to the disappearance of schoolgirl Debbie Canovan in 1986 Reynolds argues with his over-protective ex-manager Alan Summers about coming clean and Maya disapproves of her husband's exploitative ..."
"Under hypnosis Marcella links the source of her black-outs to a murder case where she thought she was the killer before she and her team locate the house where Adam was held captive, the scene of an historic murder, which also attracts two ghost hunters, though neighbour Nigel Stafford gives Marcella no help. Elsewhere the terminally ill Reynolds shocks Summers when he tells him he wants to make a confession, Eric's wife, care assistant Gail, is intrigued by paralyzed patient Joel and Whitman becomes a suspect."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Marcella has no time to lose as the killer has Edward. Following leads she races to the killer's house, but it empty except for a ringing phone. However, a premonition offers up clues, but can she get to her child before it is too late?"
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