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Life Below Zero

When bears, wolves and foxes are your only neighbors, life can be pretty lonely. Add minus-60-degree days and a constant battle for the most basic necessities, and you have the daily challenges of people who live in remote corners of Alaska. This...

Duration:44 mins

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Season 1 - Life Below Zero
"Six people struggle to survive in the Alaskan bush. Chip works to set out nets over thin ice. Andy tests out the Yukon River."
"Sue returns to stolen fuel in Kavik after being away recovering from an injury. The late freeze up of the river causes problems for Chip and Agnes."
"A wolf gives Sue problems in Kavik. Chip's snow machine breaks down, hurting his preparation for winter. Erik plays a game of cat and mouse with a lynx."
"Sue has trouble trying to get a plane in to deliver more fuel. A wolf continues to outsmart Erik as it steals all of the bait from his traps."
"Kate helps Andy collect wood for their camp. Andy has a surprise for Kate's birthday. Chip and Agnes go on a hunt that could mean getting enough meat for the rest of the year."
"Six individuals struggle to survive in a harsh winter. Sue works to get some ptarmigan for her plate. Erik crashes his snow machine while checking traps, forcing him to make an unscheduled trip to Fairbanks."
"Sue must decide what to do when a predator gets dangerously close. Andy embarks on a trip to bring home his new sawmill, but not everything goes according to plan."
"Chip and Agnes are on the hunt for a wolf. Sue hunts a moose, which could provide enough meat for the whole year. Kate and Andy must prepare for the thaw in order to keep their camp protected."
Season 2 - Life Below Zero
"Winter has ended, presenting new challenges and dangers in light of the thaw. Andy and Kate must defend themselves against animals coming out of hibernation.\" Chip and Agnes hunt beavers and river rats."
"The melting snow is causing problems for Sue, who needs to keep her runway clear for incoming visitors and supplies. The Hailstones head off on a huge fishing trip, which could ensure food for months."
"Glenn must fish to rebuild his food supply, but it's the mosquitoes, not the fish, that are biting. Sue is spots a strange figure in the distance and investigates it. Finding nothing, she searches for black gold instead."
"Sue works to fill her freezer as summer comes to a close. She heads out on a caribou hunt. To save energy Andy fishes with a net instead of the fish wheel, but this method introduces new challenges and dangers."
"Glenn runs out of food and must begin the long journey back to Fairbanks. The Hailstones head out to Agnes' family camp to get salmon to put up for the summer. Sue must deal with running out of fuel."
Season 3 - Life Below Zero
"Sue goes on a hunt for a grizzly bear. Andy and Kate have just fed the last of their fish to their sled dogs. Chip and Agnes' fishing is being disrupted by a late freeze. Erik returns this season after completing the latest guiding season."
"Erik Salitan hunts on Kodiak Island he has the opportunity to go after the elusive mountain goat, one of the most difficult hunts in Alaska."
"Chip and Agnes head out on a moose hunt. Sue works to make sure her camp and business get closed. Early snowfall has left Andy and Kate concerned that winter is quickly approaching. Erik uses new traps to catch a prized fox."
"Because the river isn't freezing up, Andy must cut a trail through the forest. A storm threatens Sue's efforts to get oil. Erik continues collecting furs, which are vital to his income. Chip and Agnes are behind on getting meat for winter."
"Cody Allen joins Andy and Kate to learn what it takes to survive in the bush. Sue prepares for bears coming too close to camp. Erik makes room for the meat he will be bringing in. Agnes and her children head out of town for a seal hunt."
"With low levels of snow, Andy and Kate struggle to train their dogs. The warm weather has Sue worrying about fuel and predators and it puts a halt to the Hailstone's ice fishing efforts."
"Glenn returns to his camp after spending months away. Andy and Kate's apprentice, Cody, wakes up late at night to find his fire has gone out. Sue falls down, further aggravating past injuries."
"Sue closes camp and heads to Deadhorse to pick up new equipment. Cody learns from Andy and Kate about life in the bush. Chip chops firewood to save on oil prices. Glenn focuses on getting water not just for drinking, but for bathing."
"Sue travels back to camp in her new piece of equipment. Cody proves himself by going out in the bush all alone overnight . Chip and Agnes teach their daughter, Carol, how to set a fur trap. Glenn works on preparing his fire for the winter."
"The Hailstone family is concerned when Agnes' son Jon doesn't show up on time. The weather makes Sue's work difficult to complete. Andy and Kate start training new lead dogs. Glenn builds a shelter to protect from bears."
"A snowstorm is headed toward Sue's camp. Andy works quickly to collect supplies before the breakup. Chip and Agnes prepare for a hunting trip. Glenn tracks a wolf that has been howling at night."
"Chip and Agnes have one more shot to get a caribou before summer. Sue worries about predators while out on the tundra. Glenn finds wolf tracks while on a hunt. Andy collects as the weather starts to warm up."
"The cast learns that self reliance is the key to an independent life in the bush on this compilation of episodes from past seasons."
Season 4 - Life Below Zero
"The conditions warm up in Alaska, but that does not mean that life in the bush of Alaska is any easier."
"Alaskans learn the tough lesson that you have to act fast when opportunity presents itself."
"As the days until summer become fewer, unpredictable weather makes life difficult for Alaskans."
"Alaskans must stock up on food before the harsh winter hits."
"With winter rapidly approaching, Alaskans must work to stock pile for the brutal months ahead."
"Alaskans are in a time crunch as the thaw comes to end, giving way to winter."
"Summer is quickly coming to an end, and Alaskans must prepare for a long, dark winter."
Season 5 - Life Below Zero
"Fall season in the Arctic means final preparation is in full swing for the long winter months ahead. In Eagle, Andy and Kate race to get their fish wheel turning before the chum salmon run hits."
"With winter around the corner, Alaskans prepare themselves for the onslaught. In Chandalar, Glenn must haul a felled moose over land and water to get it back to the safety of his camp."
"Alaskans are preparing for the winter months. In Eagle, Andy hunts for elusive moose, as he and Kate need to replenish their red meat supply for the coming winter. In Kavik, Sue seals up camp and heads to Fairbanks for a foot procedure."
"In Fairbanks, Sue travels 150 miles on an icy road to investigate a tip that squatters are on her property in central Alaska, and in Chandalar, Glenn chases after a pack of wolves in hopes of harvesting leftover caribou meat."
"In Noorvik, Chip builds a freight sled for winter travel. A blizzard strands Sue in Fairbanks and she must brave a notoriously dangerous road to get home to Kavik."
"With a hundred days of no sunlight ahead, Glenn must secure more wood for heat. Andy and Kate rescue a lone bear cub that has wandered into their camp. The Hailstones gather a vital resource for themselves as well as their neighbors."
"With dark winter in full swing, Alaskans face new challenges in sub-zero temperatures. Andy maintains the snow-covered trails and takes care of the dogs on his own. Erik takes his wife hunting for animal hides to supplement their income."
"In Noorvik, the Hailstones stash emergency supplies along their hunting and trapping routes. In Kavik, Sue's contact with the outside world hangs in the balance. In Wiseman, Erik takes a fall while gathering firewood."
"In harsh winter conditions, Alaskans must work hard to finish even the easiest of tasks."
"As winter comes to an end, Alaskans struggle to overcome new obstacles. Sue clears her runway. Andy stalks a lethal predator. The Hailstone's hunt takes a turn for the worse."
"A crafty predator rattles the Hailstone's strategy. Glenn races against the wild to protect his food stock. The Salitans hunt for big game in winter's twilight. Sue's escape from Kavik leads to a grave mistake."
"Sue deals with the aftermath of her accident. Chip and Agnes wrap up their hunting season. Glenn builds a meat drying rack. Erik and Martha go on a fishing trip."
Season 6 - Life Below Zero
"Sue returns to Kavik after her injury. Glenn goes on a hunt. Jessie preps his fish wheel for summer. The Hailstones set up camp in a new location."
"Sue runs into problems when preparing for new clients. Glenn travels to an abandoned cabin. Jessie sets up his summer fishing camp. The Hailstones start collecting their favorite summer foods."
"Sue's nephew visits Kavik. Glenn scouts for sheep. Jessie puts his fish wheel in the water. The Hailstones go on a seal hunt."
"Sue works to get her food supply ready in preparation for incoming clients. Glenn fishes for pike. Jessie has motor issues while fishing for salmon. When bad weather hits, the Hailstones must secure their camp."
"Sue sets out on a caribou hunt. Erik tries his hand at bow hunting. Jessie repairs his fish wheel. The Hailstones travel to Deering."
"In Kavik, Sue heads to a nearby fishing hole to try and replenish her food supply. In Kiwalik, the Hailstones Chip sets out to gather wood for materials to help the family preserve their food, while Agnes and the girls gather berries for the winter ahead. In Nenana, Jessie does squirrel maintenance around camp to protect his dog food supply. In Wiseman, Erik and Martha head down the river in search of Arctic Grayling."
"Sue meets with a gun smith. Martha goes on a duck hunt. Jessie readies his dog yard for winter. The Hailstones collect greens and hunt ducks."
"Sue builds a smoker. Erik and Martha go salmon fishing. Jessie travels down river. The Hailstones build a tower."
Season 7 - Life Below Zero
"Sue readies her camp for the coming winter. Glenn makes his move from Fairbanks to Chandalar. Jessie revamps his entire dog lot. The Hailstones begin work on a mobile home."
"Sue waits on a fuel delivery. Glenn goes on a moose hunt. Jessie revamps his dog lot. The Hailstones begin to build a mobile home."
"Sue makes needed repairs around camp. Jessie collects fish from his fish wheel. Glenn works to haul a moose back to camp. Chip processes and trades pieces of a caribou."
"Sue returns to Kavik and secures camp. Glenn searches for goose grass and sets traps. Jessie clears a trail for his dog team. Chip and Carol build and set snares."
"Sue hunts for ptarmigan. Glenn shoots and kills a porcupine. Jessie rebuilds an old sled for a dog run. The Hailstones set traps for ice fishing."
"Sue prepares for a blizzard and takes snow depth measurements. Glenn explores new hunting grounds. Jessie runs his dog team in a race on the Denali Highway. The Hailstone girls make a new wolf parka."
"Sue faces her fears on the new snow machine. Glenn processes wood and bakes bread. Andy kills a large caribou. Chip and Idi build a basket sled."
"Sue travels to a nearby forest and makes medicine from tree buds. Glenn hunts for caribou. Andy breaks new trail. The Hailstones transport their tent frame to Emonakrov."
"Sue hunts ptarmigan. Glenn processes caribou meat. Andy builds traps and makes beaver mittens. The Hailstones make ice holes and go sheefishing."
"Sue hunts and kills a caribou. Glenn comes head-on with a wolf. Andy wrecks his snow machine. Chip and Agnes head to their remote camp."
"A look back at the life of Sue Aikens in Life Below Zero."
"Sue gets stuck with the loader on the road from Deadhorse to Kavik. Glenn suffers a leg injury on a trek home. Andy kills and processes a lynx. Chip hunts for muskox."
"A look back at the lives of the Hailstones in Life Below Zero."
"Sue's loader travels to Kavik on a convoy. Glenn builds a snow cave and stays on the mountain overnight. Andy rebuilds his wind turbine. Agnes and Chip travel home to Noorvik."
"Sixty-five miles above the Arctic Circle, in a sparse Brooks Range, Glenn Villeneuve has given up nearly all modern conveniences to carve out a life of freedom in the wild."
Season 8 - Life Below Zero
"Sue hunts a rogue wolverine that has been stalking Kavik. Glenn embarks on a long journey back to camp on foot. Andy checks his traps and catches a beaver. Chip makes bullets and goes ptarmigan hunting."
"Sue gathers peat moss and reopens her greenhouse. Glenn finishes the long journey home. Andy prepares for the Yukon break-up. The Hailstones hunt for geese."
"Sue experiences problems with her fuel system in Kavik. Glenn fishes and hunts for ducks. Andy deals with break-up in Eagle. Chip and Agnes hunt for caribou at camp."
"Sue fixes the loader and clears the runway at Kavik. Glenn crosses a freezing river to retrieve an old canoe. Andy builds and tests a kayak. The Hailstones move their camp and make a drying rack."
"Sue unloads and sets up new heating system at Kavik. Glenn scouts for shelter and hunts from his canoe. Andy catches and smokes fish in the rain. The Hailstones fish for herring at camp."
"Sue crosses the river and goes fishing. Glenn travels up a mountain, scouts sheep, and rebuilds a blind. Andy builds a yurt with a young client. The Hailstones gather and cook eggs."
"Sue sets up a new fuel system at Kavik. Glenn creates a safety system for his canoe. Andy heads to American Summit in search of bears and blueberries. Chip and Doug go on a caribou hunt."
"Sue goes on a caribou hunt in the Argo. Glenn climbs the highest mountain at Chandalar. Andy tends to his garden. The Hailstones harvest seals."
Season 9 - Life Below Zero
"Sue leaves Kavik for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Glenn gets creative to fall a tree near his cabin. Jessie races to get a fish wheel running before the season ends. Agnes and the girls go caribou hunting."
"Sue experiences wolves at the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Glenn hunts for bull moose. Jessie sets up a new sawmill. Agnes and the girls go net fishing at Kookoochiaq."
"Sue scouts for sheep at the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Glenn sets beaver snares. Jessie runs the Cantwell Sled Dog Race. Andy goes muskrat trapping."
"Sue secures the runway at Kavik. Glenn embarks on a caribou hunt in the mountains. Jessie breaks new trail with his dogs and searches for ptarmigan. Andy builds and tests a new ice boat on the lake."
"Sue repurposes materials to build a sauna. Glenn secures his meat cache from wolverine. Jessie travels to Minto to retrieve an injured dog. Andy tests the safety of the Yukon's ice and sets a trail."
"Agnes and Qutan cut wood and prepare to meet a new member of the family. Glenn builds an igloo on a mountain. Jessie sets burbot lines in the ice. Andy sets up a new battery system at Calico Bluff."
"Agnes and Ting retrieve a sled and tipi from Kiwalik. Glenn goes paragliding off of a mountain. Jessie deals with snow removal around camp. Andy transitions his pups to the full dog team."
Season 10 - Life Below Zero
"Andy prepares for the Yukon River break-up. Jessie hunts muskrats in the river. Glenn goes duck hunting. The Hailstone ladies hunt for birds in preparation for Chip's return home."
"Andy goes duck hunting on the lake. Jessie builds a new dog yard for his team. Glenn journeys to Thru-Creek Pass. The Hailstones hunt muskrats for fur."
"Andy modifies and strengthens his greenhouse. Jessie builds a new smokehouse. Glenn camps out, goes fishing, and spots a dangerous animal. Chip goes hunting for ducks."
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